Welcome to the monday.com climate change app challenge!

The monday.com climate change apps challenge is a contest bringing developers around the world together with the mission to build apps that can help teams and organizations take an active role combating climate change. 

All apps should be built on monday.com Work OS— a no-code/low-code platform that allows teams and organizations to build their dream work software by combining flexible building blocks such as integrations, automations, or apps. For this challenge, you’ll be tasked with building an app for the monday.com’s easy-to-build-for Apps marketplace, putting your climate change app into the hands of monday.com’s 152K customers. 

This challenge is meant to empower more app developers to use their tech skills to improve climate change awareness within teams and organizations. 

The reason why the monday.com team decided to run a green app challenge this year is because work technology can give teams the tools they need to address climate challenges, and help organizations be proactive about bringing awareness and fighting climate change through the tech they use every day.

As a Work OS built for every team, in every industry, and in every region — there’s no better work software than monday.com to reach and impact a global audience to make an environmental change for the better.

For this climate change app challenge, we encourage you to partner with researchers, students, and sustainability-centric companies and non-profits to better understand the climate change challenge and guide you to build something that can really make a societal and/or environmental impact. 

Climate change can be a daunting challenge, so consider the elements of climate change your app can focus on including - but not limited to - pollution, global warming, waste disposal, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, acid rain, public health, fires, fog, flooding, and earthquakes. 

We also suggest you get creating in harnessing the incredible amount of built-in monday.com Work OS capabilities such as data analysis, board views, filters, notifications, automations, and integrations. These no-code elements, in combination with your low-code app, are what will set your app apart from the competition.  

While this is do-good challenge, there are also some amazing perks and prizes awarded to participants. Not only will your app be eligible for a featured spot in our monday apps marketplace which is accessible to over 152,000 customers — but we are giving $160,000 in prizes to the winning apps!



13 chances to win: 

1st prize: Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive ($70,000 USD in value)

2 runners-up: $20,000 each 

10 judges pick: $5,000 each 


Get started with monday apps

The monday apps framework creates custom building blocks that are built by developers to extend the monday.com Work OS. They include integrations, board views, item views, dashboard widgets, workspace templates, and process automation - providing teams with infinite flexibility to support their workflows.

That means almost anything in monday.com is now totally customizable. Whether you’re building to solve a climate change awareness challenge for your organization or creating an app for the hundreds of thousands of customers that use monday.com for their daily work— the potential impact of your monday App is huge.

Don’t have a monday.com account? We’ll set you up with one as soon as you register! 

Now that there is nothing stopping you… Here’s how you compete!

Ready, set, develop! Don’t forget to submit your finished app by August 31st!


What to Build

Build a new monday app that encourages teams to be more conscious about climate change.


What to Submit

  • Demo Video. Show off your app in under 3 minutes. Be sure to include a demo of how your app works and highlight how it helps teams increase climate change awareness.
  • App Access. Provide the installation link to your app (This can be created with the monday apps framework). 
  • Code Access. Share your app’s code repository for testing and judging. Your repository must contain all source code files, and dependencies, including the file types specific to the component and must be public or shared with testing@devpost.com and vladmonday GitHub accounts.
  • Marketplace. In order to receive the prize, the app should be submitted to the marketplace and pass the review process (learn about submitting your app here).

Hackathon Sponsors


$160,000 in prizes

1st Prize

• Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive ($70,000 USD in value)
• Your app in our ‘featured’ category in monday.com’s app Marketplace available to the 100,000 teams that use monday.com daily
• 1 hour consultation with the monday.com apps Team

*Winners reserve the right to receive the cash equivalent of the price in the USD of their prize. Please note, the Tesla is subject to local availability and delivery in the US only.

Runners Up (2)

• $20,000
• Your app in our ‘featured’ or ‘editors choice’ category in monday.com’s app Marketplace available to the 100,000 teams that use monday.com daily (subject to availability)
• 30 minutes consultation with the monday.com apps Team

Judge Pick (10)

• $5,000
• Your app ‘featured’ or ‘editors choice’ category in monday.com’s app Marketplace available to the 100,000 teams that use monday.com daily (subject to availability)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Yuval Azulay

Yuval Azulay
VP Programs, monday.com

Omer Levy

Omer Levy
Sustainability specialist, monday.com

Naama Yanko

Naama Yanko
Head of VC & Startup Business Development, Google Cloud Israel

Prof. Colin Price

Prof. Colin Price
Head of the Climate Action Center, Tel Aviv University

Neil Harris

Neil Harris
Sustainability Strategy and Innovation lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Judging Criteria

  • Impact
    How big of an impact will your app have for businesses and users that will use it, how substantial and meaningful is the problem this app solves, how much will it improve the life and work of monday.com users, how many users will it be relevant for?
  • Craftsmanship
    The user experience your app provides, the UI/UX quality, following the monday.com design system and ‘monday.com like’ app - how much your app feels like a monday.com product.
  • Creative
    How creative and unique your idea is, how can the idea open new and exciting ways to use monday.com?
  • Scalability
    The quality of the development of your app, it's potential to scale easily for many users, speed and responsiveness, ease of maintenance, and expansion.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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